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One of India’s Leading manufacturers of industrial detergents, hygiene products & specialty chemicals, Rainchem has evolved to become the ultimate name for food safety, fabric care, building care, environmental & health safety. Incorporated in year 1999, the company has grown fast, strengthening its presence in fast progressing markets across major Indian cities. World class research at Rainchem has made its vision of providing global standards to hygiene, a reality.

Rainchem products find their application for varied needs in hospitality & food service, healthcare, pharma, food & beverage processing, engineering & consumer applications. Rainchem works with a mission for “Cleaner Today, Healthier Tomorrow” & to achieve the same works with a philosophy “Think Global, Act Local”.

Food Safety & Kitchen Hygiene

Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation & storage of food in ways that prevent food borne illness. This includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially...

House keeping & Building Care

Modern day housekeeping & building care has emerged as a daunting ,yet challenging task for all professional housekeepers & building managers. Customer expectations have increased manifolds and compromise...

Fabric & Textile Care

Fabric & textile care has assumed high significance in terms of the cost & emotional value attached with them. For large institutions, it is a symbol of their standard & value. Hence in Industrial & consumer laundering, it is important...

Pharma & Food Proccessing

Hygiene in manufacturing is vital for protecting public health and well being as well as ensuring product quality. Manufacturing hygiene aims to prevent food contamination which may occur through the introduction of unwanted ...


The importance of cleaning, infection control, vulnerability of staff & healthcare patients, infection prevention in healthcare industry is of paramount importance. The importance of personal hygiene & healthcare waste segregation

Engineering & Industrial Application

Cleaning, degreasing, descaleing, water treatment are essential parts of engineering & Industrial maintenance.

Rainchem has expertise for a variety of engineering industries which have hard core applications.

Consumer Cleaning & Hygiene

Rainchem has recently forayed into a couple of areas for consumer in-home applications that essentially include hard surface cleaning & disinfection, floor cleaning/sanitation, hand cleansers, vegetable sanitizers, toilet bowl cleaner, glass & hard

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